Information for Streamers and Letsplayers

Streamers and letsplayers (on Youtube, Twitch and other digital channels) are allowed to record videos from any 1C game unless stated otherwise - either on this page, in a press release or in the readme file/e-mail supplied with the game build. 1C Company allows streamers to monetize recorded videos. The videos may use in-game music and can be accompanied by a spoken commentary. This includes Let's Plays, previews, reviews, walkthroughs and similar content.

Technical Support

Before contacting our technical support, please prepare a detailed specification of your computer and exact description of the problem. It will help us to provide you with support in a fast, efficient way.

Information Required: Computer model (CPU, DVD-ROM, RAM, Video/Sound card, DirectX version, Windows version).

In order to get this information, please go to "Run" in your Windows Start menu and type "dxdiag" in the command line, then press the enter key. The DirectX diagnostics program will start. This will show all the relevant driver files installed on your system. In order to receive a text file of this information, click the button "Save All Information". You can then save a text file with all the information we require on your hard drive.

You will then be able to send this information to us via e-mail:

Please use the email address provided. All support enquires to the company address or phone number(s) cannot be answered by our staff.


Please try below steps first before contacting our support team. In most cases, this will help you resolve your problem.

General issues

(Can´t run the game, game frequently crashes/freezes, poor performance, etc.):

  • Make sure you are using latest driver for your motheboard´s chipset, sound card and graphics card.
  • Update your DirectX -
  • Download all updates for your Windows (via Microsoft update service).
  • In case you have AMD dual core CPU, install AMD dual core optimizer -
  • Scan your PC for possible viruses/malware/spyware (make sure your cleaning programs are up-to-date).
  • Check your hard disk with Windows scandisk program, for possible disk errors.
  • Disable any file scanning applications that run on your PC, before installing and running the game (antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc.).
  • Defragment your hard disk.
  • Check temperature of your CPU, graphics card and chipset and see if they aren´t overheating. Also, open your PC case and get rid of any dust from any coolers you find in there (especially graphics card and CPU cooler).
  • If you overclocked any of your hardware, set its clocks/values back to default.
  • Delete content of your TEMP folder. Click Start - Run. Type %TEMP% into the command line and hit Enter. Delete all files and folders here. You will not be able to delete some of them, this is normal. Just skip them.
  • Try reinstalling the game, to different folder than before. Do not install the game to \Windows directory or to the root of your system disk.
  • Try running the game in windowed mode, if this option is available.
  • Check that your PC meets minimum requirements of the game.
  • Check if there is patch available for your game -
  • If you are using more than one monitor, try using your primary monitor only (disable others).
  • If you are using any non-standart displaying device (like TVs), try using standart CRT/LCD monitor.
  • If you use Windows Vista, disable UAC (user account control). Go to Start - Settings - Control panels - User accounts. Click "Turn user account control or on off". Now, uncheck "User user account control to help protect your computer".
  • If you use Windows Vista, disable DEP. Here is how to do it -
  • Disable all background applications and processes that run on your system, before launching the game. Here is how to do this:
    • Click Start menu -> Run
    • Type in MSCONFIG and hit Enter
    • Click on "Startup" tab
    • Deselect all the tick boxes
    • Click on Apply
    • Do the same in "Services" tab. However, before deselecting all the tick boxes here, make sure you check "Hide all Microsoft services" first! Restart your PC and try playing the game now. To revert these changes, simply launch msconfig tool again, go to "General" tab and click "Normal startup".


** Please note that notebooks and integrated/mobile/express graphics cards are not fully supported by our games **

Copy protection issues:

  • If your game uses Starforce copy protection, try updating Starforce driver –
  • Uninstall all CD/DVD emulating programs from your PC (Daemon tools, Alcohol 120%, Virtual CD, Antiblaxx, BlindWrite, etc.).
  • Make sure original disc is inserted in your CD/DVD drive, while launching the game and that the disc is not dirty or damaged.
  • If game requires inserting cd-key during the installation or launching the game, make sure you type it correctly (watch out for 0 and O, for example).

Windows Vista compatibility:

  • If Windows Vista is not mentioned as supported OS in minimum requirements on box or in manual, we can´t guarantee that game will work onthis system without any issues.
  • To run older games on Windows Vista, you will propably need to run them in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode. Click game´s shortcut on desktop with right mouse button and click "Properties".
  • Select "Compatibility" tab. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows XP Service pack 2. Check "Run this program as administrator" as well.