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1C Company Official Forum launched!

1C Company has launched today its new international forums. You can find them at the 1C Publishing web site located at or using direct link. Forums for the Russian speaking audience are located here.

New Demo for Fantasy Wars!

Leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company and developer Ino-Co are proud to announce release of new Fantasy Wars Demo. Read the full Press Release and click here to download the Demo!

Check the latest screenshots!

See new screenshots from Death Track: Resurrection, Fantasy Wars, King`s Bounty: The Legend and XIII Century in a gallery section of each game.

1C Announces Games Convention 2007 Lineup

1C Company to present DeathTrack: Resurrection, Cryostasis, King's Bounty: The Legend, NecroVisioN and XIII Century: Death or Glory at this year's GC

See Cryostasis and Death Track in action
MOSCOW, Russia – August 13, 2007 – Leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company unveiled today its top titles to be shown at Games Convention 2007. The full lineup includes first-person shooters, turn-based strategy/RPG, Real Time Strategy and combat racing titles.

1C will bring to Leipzig brand new builds of Cryostasis and Death Track: Resurrection. Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason puts players in the boots of a Meteorologist on a trapped ice breaker fighting off the frozen denizens of the ship and the bitter cold. Death Track: Resurrection is the successor to the legendary Deathtrack, a game which is considered by many the founder of the modern combat racing genre. Together with the two games mentioned above 1C will also showcase King’s Bounty: The Legend, NecroVision and XIII Century: Death or Glory.

Along with the playable builds listed above 1C will have demo, preview and review titles available to approved journalists on site. Assets for these and all other games from the 1C 2007-08 lineup will be on the digital press kit at the booth.

1C Company will be located at booth #E68 in the Business Center of the Leipziger Messe. Since space in the booth is limited we suggest making an appointment to see our titles. Please contact us at the above phone number or email address and we will be happy to hold a time slot for you.

Read the full text in the Press Release.

1C Publishing EU brings vengeance!

Aliens flooded the Earth… Greenish creatures with jagged teeth who love the taste of human flesh. The path to save our home planet is hard, filled with endless squealing of hundreds of aliens as they’re being smashed by your bullets.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, August 10, 2007 – Aliens flooded the Earth… Greenish creatures with jagged teeth who love the taste of human flesh. The path to save our home planet is hard, filled with endless squealing of hundreds of aliens as they’re being smashed by your bullets.

Alien Shooter: Vengeance is a large-scale sequel to the first part of Alien Shooter. This arcade action supplemented by RPG elements brings hours of entertainment. Working your way towards the alien boss with some of the 50 types of weapons means sowing bullets, fire or laser beams to splatter tens of thousands of invaders all the way, pausing only to breathe out and upgrade your character or use one of the 20 types of gadgets in your inventory.

This intense action shooter is now brought by 1C Publishing EU to certain markets around the world. The latest addition to the alien-attack themed games features three game modes, multiplayer, dynamic lighting, dynamic music and sound effects, and of course loads of action-packed fun. – 75%
“ It’s a lot of fun.“ – 77%
“…there is blood, there is foul language, there is an awful lot of killing, and I for one couldn't be happier.“ – 82%
“No action games fan should miss Alien Shooter 2”

Read the full text in the Press Release.

1C Publishing EU Launches a New Website

We are pleased to announce the release of a new web presentation of 1C Publishing EU, located at

The new site features, apart from modern design, data about all 1C’s past, present and upcoming titles, including videos, demos and more. It is the place to look for the newest info about NecroVisioN, Cryostasis, XIII Century, King’s Bounty and other highly expected titles.

Gamers will also be able to purchase 1C games online soon, the service is just a couple of clicks away from the home page.

Find out more about 1C games at!

UFO: Afterlight Modding Contest Has Its Winners!

Many skilled modders have worked hard over the last few months creating modifications for UFO: Afterlight. ShadoWarrior has looked through the contributions and picked the winners. While not an easy pick, we are proud to announce the winning entries.

1st Prize – Recolour Mod Mars 1.2 by Merlon

“This texture mod changes the look of weapons and armours in UFO: Afterlight. There are several colour schemes available…”

As the official description mentions, this modification lets you modify the color scheme of the game’s equipment to your liking. There are three sets to choose from, and you can combine them as you see fit. The modification alters the textures of all weapons, armors and other gear in the game. Download from

2nd Prize – UFO: Afterlight Resource Scrambler 1.2 by Kret

“This is version 1.2 of a resource scrambler for the game UFO: Afterlight. It will create a new game with modified locations of resources.”

As the official description states, this tool lets you randomize the location of resources in UFO: Afterlight. This is great for adding variation to the game, making sure that a second game is as different from the first as possible. It is very useful when combined with other modifications created for the game. Download from

3rd Prize - Advanced Missions Mod 0.9 by PetteriB

”This mod aims to make the tactical portion of the game more interesting by adding various enhancements to the existing mission types. This mod also adds the 'Steal object' mission type which was cut from the final release of UFO: Afterlight.”

As the official description details, this modification adds many enhancements to the tactical missions in UFO: Afterlight. With the large amount of tactical missions in the game, this is a great addition for all gamers who want more variety. Download from 

Batch the patch!

Having problems with installing the UFO: Afterlight patch 1.5? Visit to download a batched patch which solves the problem.

1C FURTHER EXPANDS ITS EUROPEAN HORIZONS: Cenega Publishing becomes 1C Publishing EU

Leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company announced today its next step on the way of strengthening its brand and bringing its titles to the European markets.

1C Publishing EU, a new company formed on the basis of the former Cenega Publishing (Cenega Group is a part of 1C since 2005) will be located in Prague, Czech Republic.

“We are on the verge of big changes. Throughout the last few years 1C has secured the position of the biggest publisher and distributor in Eastern and Central Europe. Our aim is to keep this leading role in the region and to expand our business outside the ex-USSR countries. 1C has already opened two offices – one in the UK (1C UK) and the second one in China (1C Asia-Pacific) and we are looking forward to bringing our titles to the continental part of Europe,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director, 1C Company. “The main goal of our new EU office is to establish long-term relations with distributors and publishers and to offer our games to the European customers.”

“We accomplished great success with building CENEGA PUBLISHING and making it a respected publisher on the gaming market. When we became part of the 1C group, our portfolio increased dramatically, and now we’re offering tens of titles of all genres. We plan to use our experience combined with an impressive slate of solid games and marketing activities to establish new relations and support our long-term European partners,” says Daniela Buryankova, Managing Director of 1C Publishing EU.

1C’s 2007-2008 lineup spans multiple genres including first-person shooters, stealth action, real-time strategy, simulation and role-playing games. It includes such world-renown franchise as King’s Bounty. 1C also plans to bring such highly-anticipated games as Death to Spies and Fantasy Wars to the European audience.

The above mentioned titles and other top games from the line-up were available at the Prague n Play event which took place yesterday.

read the full press release