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Fantasy Wars in Germany!

1C Company officially announces that Fantasy Wars, a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world, has been released in Germany on Friday, October 26. Please check your local retailers for the game.

Death to Spies Demo Available!

Death to Spies English demo is added to Downloads section. The game is a TPS stealth-action that allows the player to act as a captain of the Soviet counterintelligence service. He is a professional spy trained to execute dangerous operations on his own.

The demo includes "Cannibal" mission that can be completed in four difficulty levels. Captain Strogov has to sneak onto military base, kidnap his enemy who holds important data and get secret documents. You can download the demo here.

Fantasy Wars scores 9 out of 10!

Fantasy Wars scored 9 out of 10 in Fantasy World magazine. "Ino-Co managed to create an interesting, rich project of very high quality standards that old-school veterans and newbie gamers will definitely enjoy" comments the author. “Good game balance and well thought-out missions' structure give an opportunity to smash up enemy units with numerical superiority in comparison with your own army.”

Among other advantages of the game the magazine mentions interesting and well-balanced missions, wide opportunities for tactical maneuver and charismatic characters.

Another Editor's Choice for Fantasy Wars!

Fantasy Wars scored 8.6 out of 10 and received Editor's Choice Award on popular Russian game portal

"We can admit the return of Fantasy General under new guise, game caused gamers and journalists to remember about wargames ", says review. Perfect game balance, addictive gameplay, excellent system of picking up the forces and nice-looking graphics and game videos are also mentioned in the article. Read full article in Russian here.

ATARI Ships Three Games with 1C!

One of the world’s most recognized brands and a third-party video game publisher Atari today announced that You Are Empty, Death to Spies and Dawn of Magic for Windows PC have shipped to retailers across North America.

Projects are all rated M for Mature and will each be available at the suggested retail price of $29.95.
“We are excited to bring these innovative 1C titles to the North American market,” said Todd Slepian, Producer, Atari, Inc. “Each title offers players a unique world to discover and fascinating gameplay: You are Empty throws gamers into an alternate history of the late 1950’s Soviet Union, Death to Spies offers players a chance to be stealth spies during World War II, and Dawn of Magic presents a medieval world where players must rely solely on magic. These games offer intense immersive gameplay with interesting twists on tried and true genres.”

Death to Spies at

“…developers haven't wrung all of the good game ideas out of WWII quite yet” mentions in its review of Death to Spies, a stealth-action game recently released by 1C.

"It may not be easy doing sneaky dirty work in the Second World War… but it is more entertaining than you'd expect!". The game has received “Good” as final rating. "Even though Death to Spies is the first game to put you in the shoes of a SMERSH counterespionage agent tasked with stamping out Nazis during Hitler's adventures in the USSR, the game is reminiscent of such games as Hitman and Splinter Cell, crossed with the more puzzle-oriented stealth served up in the Commandos series".

Ascension to the Throne patch released!

Ascension to the Throne Patch version 1.1.128 is available. You can download it here.

This patch fixes the following problems:
- Video memory leaks;
- Game crashes 'not enough video memory' error on video card of GF7600 series;
- Spelling errors in texts;
- Map mark for FIND WEAPONS did not disappear after completion of the quest;
- Game crashes after the battle against Veliar (HEART OF SAMAEL quest);
- The trigger for SHIP quest sometimes didn't work (no enemy attack in the forest);
- Game crashes after the player finds RING OF THE YEOMEN with his army fully recruited;
- Vertical shift of buttons with 1280х1024 resolution setting (e.g. in the game menu);
- Error with disappearing armor in the CLOSED CHEST quest.

XIII Century Official Website is Launched!

Today we have released the official english website of XIII Century game. You can find there new screenshots, campaigns` descriptions as well as download several videos and music samples and many more. Click here for the XIII Century Oficial Website.

2nd part of the King`s Bounty: The Legend Interview on RPG Vault!

RPG Vault has posted second part of the King`s Bounty: The Legend interview! Click here to read the full article.

Death to Spies Review on!

"...there's not exactly been many WWII games that see you taking the role of a Russian counter-intelligence spy like this one."
To read the whole article visit