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1C is proud to announce that Realpolitiks: New Power has been released today. This first DLC for the original streamlined real-time grand strategy game Realpolitiks, developed by Jujubee S.A., expands the players’ options as well as reflects some of the current events on the geopolitical scene and trends in contemporary political movements. The DLC is available on SteamTM and other digital stores as a separate product, or bundled with the base game.

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Deep Sky Derelicts – Illustrious Monuments update released!

1C and developer Snowhound Games are proud to announce that Deep Sky Derelicts, an original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG that is enriched with tactical card combat and popular rogue-like elements, has just received an illustrious update as part of its Early Access journey toward full release. Eager scavengers supporting the project can now enjoy and take advantage of loads of new content. The universe of Deep Sky Derelicts has just been expanded by lightyears, stretching average game duration to nearly double what it was before.

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Official community-driven tournament!

Our community is hungry for some healthy competition. Where'ya at, conquerors? The first-ever Ancestors Legacy Tournament kicks-off right now!
Sign-ups: start immediately and last until Feb 23rd.
Matches: start on Feb 24th (you still have time to practice!).

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